Genomic Signature Analysis Platform is enabled by hCoV-19 genome sequence data from the GISAID EpiCoVTM database. The GISAID organisation promotes the rapid sharing of data whilst protecting the acknowledgement rights of data providers

As per requirements from GISAID, if you intend to publish research using the sequence data from GISAID, or the derived data available from Genomic Signature Analysis Platform, you must accept the GISAID Data Access Agreement and appropriately credit (e.g. by attaching as supplementary data) the data contributors. In academic publications, you should also cite the GISAID project itself. Details of how to give appropriate credit are available on the GISAID website.

We also gratefully acknowledge the authors, originating and submitting laboratories of the sequences from GISAID’s EpiCoVTM Database[1] on which this research is based. Access to the individual isolates is facilitated through GISAID.

How to cite Genomic Signature Analysis Platform

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[1] Shu, Y., McCauley, J. (2017) GISAID: Global initiative on sharing all influenza data – from vision to reality EuroSurveillance, 22(13) doi:10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2017.22.13.30494 PMCID: PMC5388101